co Thinking About Making Infographics? Read This First |

I have to admit, I like infographics a lot — if they are done right. There’s something about seeing a visual that helps me visualize, and someday I might jump on the infographic bandwagon myself if I can figure out a reason to do it for Small Business Mavericks. Pending that day, I look at the wisdom other marketers have compiled and learn from their mistakes so that I don’t make those mistakes myself.

Common Infographic Mistakes

Dayna Rothman at Marketo has a lot of experience in this subject, and her post on 5 Common Infographic Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs is applicable to more than infographics. Here’s her list:

  1. Not using reputable data sources — you want legitimate research & numbers that stand up to further research.
  2. Not properly citing your sources — she suggests putting the complete URL at the bottom of the infographic and making sure you list sources for each data point.
  3. Not proofreading enough — magnify it, have multiple proofreaders, and look at each detail, particularly the fine print stuff.
  4. Not including a proper embed code — the whole point is to get links & shares & all that good stuff, but if they can’t do it, you lose.
  5. Not promoting your infographic — good infographics take time and money, so get a good return on that investment.

These Mistakes Are Common In Content, Too

When I look at Ms. Rothman’s list, I see how it applies to other content. If we are going to be professional about what is on our site and marketing efforts, it will take using reputable sources and citing them properly, proofreading meticulously, proper coding, and promotion of our content. There really isn’t any other way to avoid those pitfalls waiting to hinder our efforts.

What do you think? What would you add to the list? Let’s talk about it!