co How To Waste Your SEO Efforts |

Okay, you’ve managed to manipulate your stuff into a great SERP ranking — so what?

The best rankings in the world aren’t going to give much of a return on your investment if people visit your site and leave because it isn’t what they need. The whole promise of a high placement on the search engine results page is that these sites will deliver. If yours doesn’t deliver, you blew your chance. Why does this happen?

Reasons Your SERP Rankings Might Be Illusions

If the promise you imply by being in a good position on the search engine results page is an empty promise, there are consequences. First, let’s look at why the promise is a lie:

  • Does your content live up to potential?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Are your links legitimate?
  • Do visitors stay and go to other pages on your site?

In essence, a high position on the SERP rankings indicates there’s something of value on your site. All the algorithm changes throughout history are geared toward delivering on the promise of finding what the searcher wants. If a search engine doesn’t help the user find what they are searching for, that user finds another search engine, right?

Content Should Live Up To SEO Expectations

It really isn’t “SEO vs content” because we need both to be successful online as a business. The SEO strategies you employ are the indication that your site will fulfill the searcher’s requirements — but the site must live up to that expectation or all the efforts you put into search engine optimization are useless.