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This is the time of year that mice come into the house. In a silent moment, I’ll realize something is moving around behind an intended project that has been sitting in one place, move that pile, and discover a stash of the dog’s dry food that has been carefully hidden by a mouse intending to stockpile for the winter. My house has a life that goes on without my permission until I take steps to stop it.

This is one reason I like to do the big cleaning in the fall. Stuff accumulates and it needs to be dealt with before the crazy holiday activity & decorating start or I hear the patter of little mousy feet in hidden places.

Your Site Has A Hidden Past That Affects Today’s Activity

I think there are many similarities between websites and homes, and the biggest similarity is that both take maintenance. Even if you are keeping up with the daily maintenance, a regular big cleaning or audit keeps the background stuff from causing problems.

Are the SEO practices you utilize today the same ones you used when your website first went live on the internet? Probably not, because SEO has changed a lot over the years. That means there are probably links you should disavow or content you should change to make sure no penalties for past practices are affecting you today. There’s a lot about link building to learn, and it is constantly challenging.

If you have not taken care of old ways of doing business, that history sticks around and gets picked up by search engines. Penguin, Panda, and the rest of the algorithms run around your site behind the scenes and do things unless you clear out the stuff they are after.