co What Do You Predict For 2015 In Marketing? |

It’s always a little risky to deal in predictions because nobody knows exactly what will happen next year, but this is the season when we will start to see those predictions multiply like the things-to-do list on your holiday planner. I think we all are interested in looking ahead, and Say Daily’s Venn has Beverly Macy’s predictions for the Top 5 Trends in Digital Media for 2015. Here’s her list:

  1. Mobile-only/Mobile-first will be the norm — everything is moving to mobile because that is how most of us will be accessing the internet. If your website is not responsive and ready for the small screen, they are going to go to another site.
  2. Pretargeting is the new real-time — big data is making it possible to predict which advertising will be of interest to shoppers while they are still in the “just looking” phase.
  3. Democratization of content creation changes everything — with universally-available tools, even the little guy can be a viral sensation and no big budget was needed.
  4. The InternetOfThings and wearables is going to become part of an expanded computing environment connecting everything — particularly for business operations.
  5. Advanced analytics and big data are like winning the lottery for digital media — data-driven strategies will integrate into every marketing decision, product development, and campaign planning.

What do you think of that list? I can imagine that a lot of people will not be happy about being “pretargeted” if it feels like being stalked, but it would be nice to see that appeal to me. As a marketer, it would be nice to invest in the ads that will be welcomed. And mobile is obviously going to be on the list because it is far past being a trend.

If you were making a list of predictions for marketing, what would you say?