co Bing Ads Sees Improved Click Volume With Close Variants Rollout |

I know we don’t mention Bing Ads nearly as much we discuss that competitor of theirs, but it isn’t because nothing has been happening. They recently have gone for the trifecta of close variants on phrase match, exact match, and broad match modifier keywords, according to Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land. Here’s what that can look like with phrase match keywords:

  • minecraft game online = minecraft games (plural vs singular)
  • pizza delivery near your hometown = pizza deliveries (stemming)
  • cheap seattle vacation packages = seattle vactions (misspellings)
  • new york hotel la guardia airport = hotels lga airport (abbreviations/acronyms)
  • victory saddlebags = saddle bags (word splitting)
  • doughnut shops nearby = donut shops (common spelling variations)
  • family owned restaurants in indianapolis = family-owned restaurants (certain punctuations and accents)

According to Bing Ads, a 5% increase was seen overall in click volume after adding close variants to phrase matching. That makes sense, because people do all those variants when they are typing in what they are searching for and the same variants would apply to ads that are clicked on.

Everybody Wants To Be Effective

This is our goal in business, no matter what our business is — having the effect we are aiming at. It might be effective store design resulting in smoother operations, or effective office practices resulting in efficient procedures or effective PPC campaigns resulting in more conversions. Bing is no different. Bing Ads is one of the 3 reliable ad networks for small businesses doing all they can to be effective for any sized business by improving what they offer.

Have you been pleased with Bing Ads? What do you think about this trifecta of close variants for keywords?