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Do you listen to the radio? I mean, the real old-time radio, like the one in your car or plugged into your wall at home? Or do you use a different technology to get news and music and weather reports?

Seth Godin has predicted an end of radio on his blog recently. To be precise, he actually predicted it eight years ago, thinking that city-wide wifi would be what replaced local radio. This time he was commenting on his realization that the combination of Bluetooth & smartphone has made people leave the radio audience and the advertisers are going to have to adapt. A similar scenario was seen with the daily newspaper, too.

I don’t know if Seth Godin is right about this but I can imagine that he has a valid observation. Every time technology changes to the point that it becomes commonplace we see a need for marketing to adapt to those changes in order to reach their audience.

Marketers Must Pay Attention & Be Ready To Adapt

In some areas, radio might stay vibrantly healthy. A lot depends on your particular business and those who rely on it. The danger is always in ignoring what is happening because you have invested heavily in a technology or a campaign and you want to get your money’s worth.

We must be flexible to meet the challenges that come up, and nobody can accurately predict all of them. I think that it’s a good idea to regularly get an online health check-up, but it takes more than that to be ready to adapt. It takes paying attention to what is going on. When marketers and business owners deliberately listen to customers, employees, and the culture, we will notice when things start to change.

Radio is changing, sure, but it is being replaced by something else because people still want to know what is happening around them and be entertained while they do things. We can lament that the warning sign of waning radio use is happening, or we can look for the new opportunities that are here because of the change.