co Tis The Season For Marketing Mistakes |

This is a crazy time of year for marketers. On the one hand, you have the push to promote all the sales for holiday shopping and on the other hand you have customers asking why they must be subjected to Christmas items before Thanksgiving. Marketing Pilgrim’s Cynthia Boris looks at the split-personality of the season in her post titled, “Retailers are from Mars, shoppers are from Venus.” It’s a look at a customer engagement study by ACCENT showing that two thirds of consumers think going to the mall during the holidays is their worst nightmare. Yikes!

Two Views On The Same Subject

The numbers show the inconsistencies:

  • 16% of customers start shopping before Halloween — BUT — 55% of retailers start promoting holiday shopping before Halloween
  • 54% of shoppers say stores don’t provide enough information — BUT — 87% of retailers feel they give all the info the consumer needs

You know what would fix those problems? Knowing your customer and listening to what your customer service people tell you they deal with. Looking at the study, it doesn’t seem to matter if we are talking online marketing or the brick-and-mortar experience. Another set of numbers is also interesting to me:

  • 82% of customers don’t make a Black Friday plan
  • 70% of customers say Black Friday is meaningless because there will be sales throughout the holidays

If your marketing efforts are meaningless and your customers don’t feel like you are providing enough information, you are not getting an adequate return on your investment. It’s important to remember what it is like to be your customer and invest in the kind of marketing that has meaning and results.