co Wimpy E-mail Subscriber List? Here Are 3 Ways To Beef It Up |

Did you ever read comic books and look at the muscle-building ads in the back? The skinny little wimp gets the product and–BOOM–muscles are sprouting and the beefed-up former wimp gets admired as the new strong guy. This is not like those ads.

In real life, muscles come from exercise and good health habits. Strength is not from a product, but from a practice. As you do what strengthens your muscles, you begin to learn why some things work and some things don’t work. The comic book ad starts to look pretty silly because you know from experience that muscle strength doesn’t come from buying something; it comes from doing something.

Do What Gives The Best Results

Noah Kagan shared How One Marketing Blog Tripled Its Email Subscribers With 3 Simple Strategies on Copyblogger recently. Every strategy he suggests is accompanied by his account of how it worked for him. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Ask for emails more aggressively — use free tools to make it easy to subscribe when visitors read your content, offer benefits of subscribing, make you home page an email gate, etc.
  2. Create a one-month free course — not too long, focused on a specific topic, and have a narrow sign-up window with a waiting list for the next one.
  3. Write high-value guest posts — include an engaging bio, a chance to subscribe, and more good stuff to come.

None of these suggestions are like that comic book ad promising to change wimp to wow! but they all are good health habits for a strong email marketing program. The more you exercise your email subscriber list by paying attention to doing what works, the stronger your email program will be. I think that email is essential for healthy marketing because it can be like a personal connection with each one on the list.