co 5 Expert Tips For Remarketing Success |

Remarketing is a powerful tool –make sure that you’re getting the most out of it by exploring the new platforms, targeting methods and strategies you can use to optimize it. –Eric Couch

We’ve all seen the results of remarketing. It’s that targeted ad reminding you where you’ve been on the internet, and sometimes it’s creepy. Right? On the other hand, many times it’s a nudge to conversion. Remarketing works if it’s done right, and that’s why columnist Eric Couch gave us Recharge Your Remarketing With 5 Tips For Q4 on Search Engine Land.

Here are his suggestions:

  1. Utilize analytics remarketing lists — they can be customized and configured for incredibly specific audiences if you use the features they provide.
  2. Layer remarketing with other targeting methods — use Contextual Keywords/Topics to remarket your ad appropriately (not creepily).
  3. Analyze your reach and frequency — figure out where that fine line is between reminder and aggravation.
  4. Remarketing for Dynamic Search Ads (RDSA) — apply your remarketing audience list to a Dynamic Search Ad campaign to focus further.
  5. Diversify your remarketing platforms — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, even Bing are all getting in the act.

Of course, he goes into his tips further, but this is a recap. What do you think? I think that since the technology to target and remarket our efforts to the right person at the right time is available, it’s reasonable to use it. What remarketing does in the best scenarios is customize campaigns so that people get the messages they are interested in at the times they are ready to hear it.

There’s a lot of interest in PPC because it does work if it’s done right. Is it working for you? Let’s talk about it…