co How Intuitive Is Your Site? |

I have a slight skepticism about the idea of “intuitive websites” because there’s usually a problem with whose intuition it’s designed around. When the FCC did their “reboot“, the eventual new site design made sense to the designers, but the average user was so befuddled that they had to add an option to go back to the old site.

A federal commission specializing in communication should be able to do this easily, wouldn’t you think so? But the problem was in the difference between the intuition of the average person and the intuition of a specialist.

Now the FCC site is getting easier to use because they are trying to listen to feedback and do what they can to make the site intuitive to the average user. They also employ a call center where people can get help (and it is in the US) and many of the calls are questions that could be answered on the website but the caller either has no internet access or they can’t figure the site out. Their system isn’t perfect, but there’s a lesson we can learn from this:

Listen To The Feedback From Your Customers

All the best SEO and marketing tactics in the world are going to hit a blockade at your site if it doesn’t work intuitively for the average person. It’s certainly true that many people are getting tech-savvy, but what matters is how tech-savvy your own demographics are. You need to always be thinking about what it’s like to be your own customer.

If you are giving your customers easy ways to give feedback, pay attention to what is being said and address the issues. Your site design might make sense to you and be incredibly frustrating to your customer because you have different assumptions of how things logically work. Experts in a field tend to forget what it’s like to be a newbie.

If your website is difficult to navigate, it doesn’t matter how great your SEO is because nobody will want to come back. There are some things your website can’t live without, and all of them are based on the idea of making it intuitive — easy — to use so that the SEO and marketing tactics bear the fruit of conversions.