co Another Reminder That Local Search Is Important |

Well, it happened again. We were going out to dinner and discussing the options, and pizza was mentioned. Being a passenger, it was my job to look up the national brand pizza place and see what their specials were. It was a perfect example of why businesses should be controlling their local listings. Here’s what happened:

  • I did a search for the pizza place & got the specials & sites in a neighboring state.
  • I added the location (oops) and got the only local franchise listed in a number of directories but no specials.
  • I tried to find specials and got menus with no prices.
  • I tried to call and the number was wrong.
  • We went somewhere else instead.

There would have been pizza for dinner if this local franchise had controlled the local listings better. But we didn’t want to wade through search pages to find what we needed. We just wanted to know what the specials were, and if the phone number was correct that would have been okay because a phone call would have worked. It wasn’t worth it to the people in the car to try another listing.

How many times do you think one wrong number in a local directory has had a similar effect on your business?

There isn’t really a way to know, but there is a way to keep it from happening. All you need to do is maintain some oversight on your local listings. Look your business up and check the information in the local directories. It doesn’t take that long and it keeps potential customers from going to a competitor.