co Your Title Tag Is Content, Too |

It’s true that content is the current emphasis in SEO discussions. That’s because the whole point of a search is to find what you need, and who needs spam? So I’d agree whole-heartedly with the idea that content needs to be well-written and relevant. That just makes sense.

But there’s another type of content that needs to be well-written and relevant, even though the reader is a search engine instead of a person.

On-Page SEO Elements

Probably one of the best resources you can use to look up SEO stuff is Moz and their Learn pages. The one on on-page content lists these factors as essential:

  • include the subject in the title tag, URL, and image alt text
  • have unique content about the subject
  • link to the category page, subcategory page, and homepage

Not just computers read this stuff, either. When you look for something on a search page, the way you decide if that page is what you want is by the title tag. That tag is what shows up in the browser, search engine, and external sites linking to it. It really matters what the content of the title tag is, because it’s the first impression of your site.

It’s All Content

There isn’t a sharp defining line separating content and SEO elements. I think it’s all content of some type and that it all matters. Some of it might be hidden to the average reader, but things like title tags sure are not invisible. Therefore, it still makes sense to keep SEO in mind when you are adding content to your site.