co You Already Have A Great Blog Resource |

It’s being said more and more: “you need to blog and put lots of original, relevant content on your site.” That’s a nice idea, but for most of us the inspiration needed to kick out consistently original, relevant content is a well that runs dry. This is where your employees can be a great resource for real-life blog ideas.

Look Around The Workplace

Who knows your business best? Who has interaction with the customers? It probably is somebody who can share some good stories about things that happened or ways the product is made or used. You could even have interested would-be writers do blog posts and give them a bio with what they do in the business. This does two things, it gives that relevant content, and it also humanizes your business. People like stories, and knowing about the people who work at a business makes them feel connected.

It also motivates those would-be writers and gives them published content and a byline. You’ll have to decide who owns the content, but that can be worked out beforehand. Otherwise, they can be an anonymous writer for your site, and that is where most will want to start.

What If They Have Ideas But Don’t Want To Write?

Some people just don’t do well with writing but are great with talking about how a problem is solved. You could collect the stories from these people and use them as writing prompts on days the well of inspiration runs dry. You still are sharing original, relevant content. Blogging for business is not going to be going away any time soon, so we who blog for business need all the help we can get.