co Podcasting Is Looking Better All The Time |

There have been some back and forth discussions about podcasting and the way it can be used for business. Small Business Mavericks wrote about podcasting at the beginning of 2008, and it had potential then as a small business radio program. But you didn’t hear a lot about podcasting because it looked like a fad that faded in the shadow of the social media marketing emphasis.

In 2008, a little over half of the US adult population (55%) went online to get news about the presidential election. In 2013, about that many (56%) owned a smartphone, and 51% banked online according to Pew Research. That’s a big shift in usage mindset. People are using technology as they drive and walk and work, and a lot of people are listening to podcasts.

Do You Need Help To Do A Podcast?

Search Engine Journal just came to the rescue with Albert Costill’s addition to their Content Marketing 101 series. What Do I Need To Do A Podcast? covers everything you need to know, from choosing a theme & writing a script to hardware, software, hosts & directories. It is a great way to start researching the idea. Your business probably does have a niche where podcasts will fit perfectly if you think about it.

Off the top of my head I can imagine podcasts being very useful for training purposes, product discussions, guest speakers, question & answer sessions, and anything your customers might be interested in. With all of us carrying the ability to listen to podcasts in our pocket, the possibilities are endless. What have you been listening to lately?