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I truly don’t think that the size of a business determines how many countries they engage, because I see individuals starting global businesses and making it work. There is a factor that makes a difference, though, and that’s the way that the site is set up. If a business is willing to invest in having pages or even sites targeted to the language of the customer, international commerce is viable for that business.

Marketing & SEO Are About Language

Language, the words we use and the thoughts that are expressed, is what those algorithms look for in an attempt to give the user the results they want. Language is what the user types into the search box, and how the user comprehends what is on your site. Pictures help communication, but language makes the message clear. So it makes sense that before an ad campaign or search engine optimization strategy is put into place, the language of the potential user is considered.

Christian Arno just covered the subject of making your international e-commerce site SEO-friendly on SiteProNews. (It’s not a new subject for Small Business Mavericks; remember the story about that airline’s leather seat fiasco? That still makes me laugh.) He suggests creating tailored websites for each market, choosing appropriate keywords, and localizing your content.

The internet makes global business possible, and it also makes it possible to find a professional writer who speaks the language of the market you are targeting. Freelance writers rely on the internet for their clientele, and there’s one out there who will be able to work with you to put your site and its language into the right words to get your marketing message across without turning it into a joke.