co So What About The Tech Stuff In SEO? |

There’s been a lot of talk about content, the importance of quality content, content being king, and content wiping out the old way of doing SEO. So I was interested to see what Searchmetrics had to say about SEO Ranking Factors for 2014 in the Google-US. As you’d expect, there are some changes, but some things haven’t changed: You still need to be meticulous about your technology if you want to be effective.

This Still Is Important

According to this study, the technological performance of a page matters. This includes the basics:

  • good internal links
  • quality and quantity of backlinks
  • short loading times
  • all relevant Meta tags
  • keyword positioning/relevance

This is basic SEO stuff, right? But in the throes of content creation and coming up with that elusive perfect content we do need, we can’t forget the fact that search engines are binary and they don’t think like we do unless they are programmed. You still have to speak the language the computer understands, even though they are getting more sophisticated in their algorithms.

I think it’s like the basics of writing. Just because grammar, spelling, and punctuation are complicated doesn’t mean we should ignore them. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation allow us to clearly communicate what we want to say. The technology of SEO is a bit complicated, sure, but it allows the search engines to understand what is on our site.

Search Engine Optimization has to include the tech stuff. While the specifics will change, the need for tech in SEO not going to change, because technology is what we use to access the internet.