co This Panda Update Proves You CAN Be Too Thin |

You know that old adage, “you can’t be too rich or too thin”? Well, Google disagrees.

Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal says that with the New Google Panda Update Rolling Out, Google Takes Another Stand Against Thin Content, and we should see the results this week. Google has been getting the feedback from users and webmasters and using it to rank higher-quality small & medium sites higher. The operative word here is “higher”. Higher quality = higher rank.

Were You Hit By Panda Last Time?

If you saw a drop in rankings when the last Panda update went after lower-quality content, and you worked on beefing up your site, that extra work on authoritative content and relevant keywords, you should see results by the end of the week. Or you might have ignored the signs and this week will get you scrambling for stronger content because your SERP is falling fast.

Estimations are that 3-5% of queries are affected by this Panda update, depending on your locale. That may not sound like a big number, but if you are in it, you’ll feel it. Every time an algorithm is tweaked, there are results. I think it’s good because it shows that search engines are getting better at filtering the thin, spammy stuff.

So, thin in this case isn’t good, no matter what they say. Work on healthy, high-quality content that is worth finding instead.