co The Last Mile: Local Marketing Strategies That Work |

If you could talk to every person that walked into your business today, what would they tell you about how they got here? That final segment of the marketing journey — the “last mile” before conversion — is pretty important because that’s where the final decision was made to commit to your business by purchasing what you offer. Search Engine Land looked at a recent study surveying 8,000 US adults by phone or online and as you’d expect, you have to know your customers in order to optimize your marketing. In Study: Consumers Increasingly Turn To Mobile & Varied Media Combinations In Last Mile, Wesley Young has 5 key takeaways:

  • Since consumers are increasing their use of mobile devices in the last mile, plan on investing in mobile strategies.
  • Since mobile users are more likely to follow through with a purchase, have the tools in place to capture and convert transactions.
  • Since 7 out of 10 consumers prefer a mobile website over a mobile app, your site needs to be easily accessible and responsive to mobile devices.
  • Since consumers reference multiple traditional & digital platforms, your marketing tactics need to be diverse.
  • Since consumers choose different traditional or digital platforms for different types of business, you need to know your customer to reach them.

The Value of Responsive Web Design

I think it’s interesting that 7 out of 10 consumers prefer a mobile website over a mobile app, because responsive web design has always made more sense to me as an investment. A well-designed site that is mobile friendly works with any device that can access the internet and you only need to update the site instead of the site plus any apps. The other thing that interests me is the diversity of platforms the study found being used just before conversion. It shows that local marketing has to have a finger on the pulse of the people and use the marketing platforms your particular demographic prefers.