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I hope you are utilizing those long tail keywords because it’s a great way to maximize the SEO in your content. If you aren’t, Julia Spence-McCoy has compiled 15 Tips on How to Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Web Content for SiteProNews to help you out. Long tail keywords are those phrases a searcher adds to the basic keyword when they get more specific:

  • keyword — the basic
  • long tail keyword — more specific
  • use long tail keywords — even more specific
  • ways to use long tail keywords, how to use long tail keywords, definition of long tail keywords — get the idea?

All the phrases that drop down when you start typing in the search box have possibilities as long tail keywords, but there’s a catch: the phrase has to be something your targeted group is using. If I had a site about cooking, there wouldn’t be much sense in writing “how to use long tail keywords” in a blog post. On the other hand, “how to use a microplane grater for whole nutmeg” and “using whole nutmeg” might make a lot of sense in a post about pumpkin spiced lattes.

The key to long tail keyword use is knowing your audience and the way they think. Look at your search query report to see what is already being used and build on what you have. This is a good source for blog ideas, too, because it isn’t that difficult to write a post based on what you know people have tried to find. Local businesses have a huge source of long tail keywords just by adding the geographic information, like “where to buy microplane graters and whole nutmegs in Podunk”.

There’s a lot of information about long tail keywords on this blog and the SiteProNews has all those tips, too. How have you used long tail keywords?