co 7 Sources of Evergreen Content For Your Website |

What are you putting on your website? I hope it’s content that is evergreen, which means that it stays relevant even if it’s been there a while, because that kind of content is going to bring in visitors again and again. But a lot of times we may overlook the evergreen content we already have because we are thinking it has to be new and different in order to be valid.

Content That Doesn’t Expire

Some of these ideas are already created. You just need to put them online. Others are going to be created as users get involved with your site.

  1. Pick the brains of your best customer service people to find out what people call about and put the answers in an easily read format on your site.
  2. If you sell a product, consider linking to pdf files of the manual or tips for its use.
  3. Host an online forum for people looking for ways to use your products and keep the archives searchable and available.
  4. Do some online seminars on your services or products then make archives of the sessions for future visitors.
  5. Do you have presentations? Put the powerpoints online for interested viewers.
  6. Anything you put out in print, like brochures or newsletters, can be put on your site for access.
  7. Provide a way for people to contribute to your site. It could be an album of users & products, testimonials, regular contests, daily puzzles, or anything that would be of interest to your potential audience. Even though it changes, it is a consistent page to go to.

Content That Is Easily Found

You can have amazing stuff on your website, but if people don’t know it’s there, it isn’t doing anything constructive. Make sure that all your internal links are in good shape and that your search feature is available on every page. Website Design and Development is not so much a formula as it is art designed for a specific location.

Get feedback on your site and the content you have. Find out what visitors were looking for and decide if that is something you need to add or make more accessible. As your website changes to meet the needs of the people who come to it, you will find that your SEO is naturally increasing with those changes.