co Do You Want To Resonate On Google+? |

Resonate. Reverberate. Those words have an echoing factor, a continuing impact on the hearer. And if you are planning on having a presence on Google+ that resonates and reverberates by being reshared repeatedly, there’s now proof that you need to be using one thing every time: images that are relevant combined with engaging text at least 100 characters or more.

This is the secret formula shared by Tina Courtney-Brown on SiteProNews in “Google+ Social Media Strategies — What You Need To Know.” It’s the result of an impressive amount of research by CircleCount using 8,961,415 posts from almost 10,000 profiles, according to Courtney-Brown. She says:

The moral of the story here is simple: If you’re on Google+, you better integrate relevant images into nearly everything you post.

I think it’s interesting that longer posts are also more effective on Google+. This is particularly true if your goal is +1s and comments, but the reshares happen with images. I wonder if this is because there’s better readers here who visualize what they read, creating images in their minds or if it just means readers don’t need as many images but everybody loves pictures anyway. So what does this mean for us?

If you are active on Google+ as a social media marketing tool, brush up on your camera skills. Everything from learning how to photoshop your own work to finding appropriate images that won’t get you in trouble over copyrights is a good idea. Stock photos are certainly okay, but if you can do your own, it gives you added authority and uniqueness. That individuality isn’t found anywhere else, so there’s more reason for people to reshare your image because it’s relevant and resonant.