co The Most Important Thing About Your E-mail Campaigns |

E-mail marketing is kind of like the goofy kid in the marketing gang. Other kids might be cuter, or smarter, or have better skills, but the goofy kid is the one you remember. And really, isn’t being remembered a big part of marketing? The trick is to make those memories positive instead of negative.

Ways To Make Your E-mails A Good Memory

Everybody gets a lot of e-mail, and the tendency to feel swamped with e-mail is pretty normal. I think that there’s a lot of ways you can counteract that.

  • Make it simple to opt in and opt out of getting e-mail from your business — in every e-mail you send.
  • Keep it short and to the point — one point, if possible.
  • Give your message a sender that has a face — “Janet from Marketing” is better than “Marketing Department” because she is a person.
  • Give your message a subject line that is accurate — no false teasers that don’t deliver. Make it clear what this e-mail is about.
  • Personalize your messages — there’s no reason with today’s technology for anything else.
  • Let your recipients personalize how often they hear from you — if they only want to know know about new products, don’t bother them with other stuff

It is far too easy to let your e-mail campaigns be that goofy kid who is ignored most of the time. But most of those goofy kids actually are pretty intelligent and grow up to be the amazing superstars of their field. E-mail marketing is far more personal contact than many other marketing strategies can hope for, but the tricky part is making that contact a good memory.