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Do you know what that young mother is watching on her smartphone while her kids play? Marketing Pilgrim’s Cynthia Boris asks that question in her post “Most moms watch video on their smartphone…but what are they watching?” It looks at recent studies of mobile phone use among US moms, and it is pretty interesting.

How-To/Tutorial Videos

There’s a big percentage (62%) of moms who watch how-to/tutorial videos. Most of the videos watched are cooking tutorials (78%) but DIY home improvement (66%) and crafts (61%) are close behind. Now, I would be pretty safe betting that more than just moms watch this type of video. And I would be pretty safe in betting that any business has the potential for a few good tutorials explaining how to use their products or services.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this type of video:

  • It has to answer the question being asked. How do I do this procedure? How do I fix this problem? A great source for questions already being asked of your business should be on file in your customer service department. If you don’t already have a FAQ page, you are missing out on a good way to engage your site visitors. And if your FAQ page had links to good short tutorials, imagine the traffic.
  • It has to be clear and concise. Short wins over long, and simple is way better than complicated when it comes to this type of content. Just answer the question the way you’d want to get an answer if you asked it in real life. You don’t want the lecture, you just want the answer, right? And you want to understand that answer without needing the secret code or a translator if possible. Use the language your customers use, and pay attention to their frame of reference.
  • If it is funny or teaches them how to do it “faster, easier, or cooler” it will be shared with their friends. Video marketing is the natural result of everybody being able to watch stuff on their phone. If the video is going to answer a question that they are asking, it will be watched. If it is clear and concise, it will be watched to the end as long as it’s not too long. If it is appealing, it can be shared in an instant.