co Is Marketing About Your Business? |

The answer to the question in the title is a resounding negative. Your business has a lot to offer, and you have poured your efforts into making it a good thing, but the truth is that marketing, in order to be effective, is not about you.

Marketing Is About Your Customer

People pay attention to your message to see if you can give them what they want or need. They become your customers because you can give them what they want or need. All the good things you offer are filtered through some harsh reality: they don’t care about the things you care about. So in order to market effectively, you need to understand your customer.

The features you offer are only appealing if there’s a good reason to want or need that feature. So marketing is all about showing that you can solve problems or provide benefits that your customer cares about.

Marketing Tools Are Useless Without This Thing…

If you aren’t actively trying to understand your customers, you are almost certainly missing your marketing target in some critical ways. How can you use tools without having an idea of what you are working toward? There’s a real difference between writing a blog post that has a lot of keywords and writing a blog post that answers a reader’s questions. One might get some robot interest (although the algorithm tries to screen for good content) and one is read by a person who is delighted to find a solution they’ve been looking for.

That person won’t see your blog post unless it comes up on the page when they search, but they will also skim past things that don’t look helpful. Once they are on your site, they won’t stay there unless they see what they want or need. When we do an Online Marketing Health Check-up one of the things looked at is this:

What are your customers truly seeking online – and how can you give it to them?