co Are You Using The Best Way To Get Traffic To Your Site? |

Marketing Pilgrim’s Cynthia Boris knows a lot about online marketing and content so she was pretty happy the other day. As she says, “You can pay and pay but organic search still wins.”

What is she talking about? A recent report by BrightEdge called “Cracking the Content Code” that took five industries (Retail, Media & Entertainment, Business Services, Technology/Internet, and Hospitality) and analyzed which was the most effective driver of traffic; organic search, paid, display /email or social. 

Organic Search Wins

Organic Search sends 51% of the traffic to company websites when you combine all the industries, but they do vary when you break them down. The poorest performer was Paid Search, which only sent 10% of the total traffic to sites. Retail and Hospitality do best with paying for search marketing.

Social media, a place that takes a lot of time and effort for many businesses, doesn’t do very well at all. And Cynthia Boris makes a good argument for putting your product launches and photos on your own site as well as any social media platform when she points out that many lost photos and posts when MySpace bombed. Putting photos and video on your own blog improves your click-through rate, too — rich media posts get 13% more clicks than plain text.

What’s The Best Way For YOU?

The thing is, you need to know what is working for you. Look at your numbers and you should see exactly what is resonating with your base and invest in maintaining that. If your social media strategies aren’t bringing in all that many leads, for instance, maybe you need to change tactics and try something different.

But if the things you are doing to drive traffic to your site are working effectively, figure out what you are doing right and keep it up.