co 5 Tips For Landing Pages That Convert |

“If you are sending website visitors directly to your homepage, you are throwing away the money and effort you spend driving traffic.”Lara Stewart

Sometimes we need to be reminded about the basics again. This observation about landing pages is the opening sentence of a post on OroCRM titled, “5 Rules for High-Conversion Landing Pages” and these practical observations should have you looking at your website with the idea of putting them into practice. Here are the 5 rules:

  1. More is better — for every quality landing page you add to your site, you can expect more conversions.
  2. Lead with your best foot forward — capture attention immediately and give a reason to keep reading.
  3. Stick with one call to action — instead of combining actions, keep it simple and add more landing pages.
  4. Remember your audience — target individual buyer profiles and use your customer data to develop your strategy.
  5. Customize the experience — today’s technology makes it possible to create different pages for return customers and more.

Landing pages are what keeps your site active. I think your 3 most important landing page elements are a unique selling proposition, benefit-oriented content, and a call to action. All the elements on your landing pages need to be oriented toward converting visitors, and I certainly agree that you must know who your ideal customers are.

But I can see where there may be room for some other ideas on this list and I’d like to hear from you. What have you found to be the most effective elements in your landing pages? Have you tried adding pages and seen a definite increase in conversions? Leave a comment and start a discussion on this important topic.