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I sure hope you have a blog for your business, because this is one of your biggest tools for communicating and actually connecting with your customers. Your blog is how your readers get to know you and feel like there’s a relationship — particularly when you can start a conversation that becomes a dialog.

Copyblogger’s Henneke Duistermaat has done a great job with explaining some blog basics in “4 Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Floods Your Inbox with Inquiries“. She makes some good points about the importance of quality in your blog. Here’s the highlights of her article in the form of those 4 steps:

  1. Forget about generating leads — instead, focus on identifying your ideal clients, understanding their problems, and coming up with solutions to those problems.
  2. Stand out as an exquisite problem solver — describe the problem, promise to solve it, explain the solution, and remind the client of the benefits of following your advice.
  3. Apply authority enhancers — quote experts, cite research or credible statistics, share case studies, and be confident in your opinions even if you know some will disagree.
  4. Make prospects fall in love with you — I have to admit my eyebrows raised when I hit this step, but what Henneke means is be a person instead of a robot by writing the way you actually speak.

She then shares an example of how these four steps were used in a guest post (because guest posting is still a good idea) in a section titled “Lead generation in practice”.

Wait“, you say, “I thought the first step was to forget about generating leads?

Here’s the thing: lead generation is more effective when it’s the result of presenting solutions to the problems your clients are experiencing because a workable solution to a frustrating problem will get a response of appreciation and interest. Lead generation as a formula is not going to have the response that problem solving will.

What do you think? Do you agree with Copyblogger on this one? Let’s talk about it…