co Your Business Is Always Open Online |

I know a man who works for himself. Let’s call him “Bob”. He works long hours, and when he’s on a roll, those hours go into the evening. Most of the time, when Bob decides to go shopping or go out to eat, there’s a problem.

That problem is the area the guy lives in because it is an area where most businesses will close at 9. Even restaurants often close before he is ready to find dinner. So Bob’s business goes to the places that are open when he is ready to go shopping or find a good meal. He also favors a business that makes its hours easy to see from the car or has a good mobile site.

But any time that Bob wants to shop online, the store is open. He could arrange pickup or have the item delivered if he knows he won’t make it to the store before closing time. He can browse the virtual aisles and look at all the product descriptions. If he is interested in a service that a local business supplies, he could find out all about that service and decide if this is what he wants.

A Good Business Site Is Useful All The Time

Bob appreciates sites that have the information he’s looking for. He’s not very good at typing, so he does the hunt-and-peck thing on the keyboard and puts in words that he uses in the search engine box. He doesn’t have time to do a lot of research, but he does his best. Most of the time he wants to find out how to solve a problem he’s run into in his work, but occasionally he will look for things that spark his interest. He quits looking at a site that’s slow or is distracting. He has no idea how to find information unless there’s a clear search feature on the site.

Bob used to use his desktop a lot, but since he got one of those newfangled smartphones he can talk at it and it will look things up for him. This makes Bob happy, as long as it works. He’s using his phone more to find the businesses he needs. Do you have customers like Bob?

If your website was designed to be mobile responsive and easy to navigate, Bob and the people like him would be apt to be your customers. So would the folks in other time zones, depending on what you offer. It’s like a passive income stream because it works for you even when you aren’t working on it. A good business website is useful all the time because it is designed with the user in mind.