co Are Your Customers Worried About Security? |

It sure seems like there are repeated waves of news stories about hackers managing to compromise security for a lot of people. This latest wave has anyone who has done business with part of the Community Health network worried, but even those not affected yet wonder when they will be.

People Want To Feel Safe On Your Site

One of the best ways to help customers feel confident is by making your privacy policies easy to find and easy to read. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out what you will do with their information or the benefits of opting into a program. Another way to add reassurance is by having badges and logos of any third party security displayed, along with familiar icons like credit card logos or BBB.

HTTPS, advanced authentication steps, and other security features are visible, concrete ways that a site is safe. So is a professional, clean site that is updated regularly with a 24-hour contact method. It feels like the business is professional and efficient. I like the idea of having a regular security feature in your blog that addresses current topics with tips for privacy settings or password creation. Since these things are in the news, they are on your customers’ minds so these topics are going to be read.

Lack of Trust Affects Your Marketing Impact

One of the devastating effects of past retail security breaches was a drop in the number of people willing to shop in those stores. It’s human nature to react to perceived danger by avoiding it. This same effect happens in the minds of those you are trying to reach with your marketing. They will avoid your message if it seems like it will cause them harm. Security is an important part of website design and development because people who feel safe will stay on your site and explore your offerings.

The more you can do to reassure your site visitors that your business is a safe place and that they will benefit from it, the more open they will be to the message you are trying to communicate.