co Ten Ways To Use Analytics And Rev Up Performance |

It’s easy to miss one of the many ways to use the Analytics toolkit to rev up your AdWords performance. Frederick Vallaeys made it easier to find some of the best in his Search Engine Land article, “These 10 Analytics Reports Will Improve Your AdWords Results“. As always, there are going to be some that are familiar, and some that surprise you in his list:

  1. Use the “pages/visit” metric to see if users aren’t finding what your ads are promising

  2. Look at “% new visits” and first-click conversions in search funnels reports to avoid deleting upper funnel keywords

  3. Put a value on keywords that assist conversions with the Model Comparison report

  4. Find landing pages that drag down your account’s performance

  5. Track phone calls and video plays as conversions

  6. See all conversions side-by-side in campaign reports in Analytics

  7. Use the Goal Flow report to find where your AdWords clicks are falling off in the conversion process

  8. Find the best performing position for your ads with the Keyword Positions report

  9. Track cohorts and understand the value of long-tail keywords with custom segments

  10. Find out quickly if any AdWords segments are underperforming with Intelligence Events

Why Learning To Use Analytics Is Important

This list was at the end of a good look at the reasons why AdWords and Analytics are better together. It’s simple: the more you understand what people are doing on your site, the easier it is figure out why they are doing it and address your conversion rate issues appropriately, revving up your performance.

It’s a lot like getting an online health check-up to see what is going on with your website. There isn’t a lot of good in throwing a random solution at a problem you don’t quite understand because the solutions will vary depending on why that problem exists. Analytics is designed to help you figure out the “why“.