co 10 Tips For Strengthening AdWords Campaigns |

Every time I see a title like “10 Tips to ….” or “10 Ways to….” or even “Ten Things You Gotta Try” I get a little skeptical. That isn’t because those ten things are bad ideas, but because it’s way too easy to think that simply doing the list will somehow automatically result in success, like magic formulas.

What lists of tips and suggestions actually do is give an idea of some techniques to apply to a situation if it’s appropriate. It’s a lot like gardening; you don’t simply toss the seeds on the ground and get vegetables. It takes techniques, cultivation, and time with a lot of variables affecting the harvest.

Tommy Landry’s list of 10 Ways To Breathe New Life Into A Floundering Google AdWords Campaign in Search Engine Journal is similar to a list of gardening techniques because you have to know enough about the situation to decide which technique is going to be the best for improving it. Here is his list:

  • re-evaluate the keyword targeting strategy
  • restructure ad groups using tighter themes
  • amp up your negative keywords to avoid bad clicks
  • get more aggressive with budget and/or max bids
  • step up your ad text testing approach
  • consider deploying a bid automation solution
  • build a custom landing page for each ad group
  • A/B test landing pages to improve conversion rate
  • try out dynamic search ads
  • automate schedules and budgets to improve ROI

I’d say that the more familiar you are with your customers and the way they think, the better able you are to evaluate what is happening. If your customers aren’t apt to use certain language, for instance, that’s not going to be an effective keyword. If your customers primarily use their phones to connect, your ads and site should be responsively designed and suitable for mobile devices.

Just like the expert gardener draws on multiple seasons of experience as well as the advice of others to cultivate for a maximum harvest, a good PPC manager combines both experience and advice like “10 Ways to…” and decides on the best strategy for a profitable campaign.