co Typos Can Change Your Message |

PPC Hero just ran a good reminder of how 5 Common AdWords Script Mistakes can change your code and make it inoperable. Jacob Fairclough explains what these common script mistakes are and what happens when you don’t type the right symbol for the machine to read. His list of the top five are:

  1. missing semi-colons
  2. improper capitalization
  3. improper brackets
  4. mixed quotation marks
  5. variable scope

If you want to know more about how these affect AdWords Script, go read his post after you finish here. But before you do it, think about this:

Little Errors Affect The Way Your Business Is Viewed

Jacob Fairclough is looking at the way a machine reads script and the way mistakes stop the process. Humans can make some judgement calls when they see a mistake on your site or ads and usually will figure out what is supposed to be the message, but it comes at a cost.

Everybody makes mistakes and nobody expects all your business writing to be perfect unless they are unrealistic. The problem comes when a business realizes a mistake is made on their signage, blogs, site, or advertising materials and they don’t do anything about it.

The people who don’t spell won’t care if copy on your site is misspelled because they don’t notice it. The people who do spell, and notice misspellings because they care about things like that, can’t help but see the errors. If they see the same error being allowed to remain, it changes the way they view your business. Here’s what is commonly assumed:

Either you never look at your content & message or you don’t care about correcting mistakes.

Both of these assumptions go on to the conclusion that you are careless in business and things compound from there. I’m not saying it is right, but I’m saying that neglecting to take care of little errors affects the way your business is viewed. If we know that fixing a semi-colon in code changes the code so it works, why not apply that same idea to the little things you can easily fix in your business writing?