co Harness The Power of Social Media |

The power of social media is the conversation within relationships, if you think about it. The things we get excited enough to share, the discussions we have, the connections that form — the conversations back and forth — are what drive social media and make it somewhat unpredictable.

Mashable had a nice reminder by Mike Volpe of 6 Mistakes Most Marketers Make Daily and a lot of them affect social media:

  1. no content strategy
  2. no context for content
  3. slow site speed
  4. only talking or tweeting about yourself
  5. not knowing your numbers
  6. ignoring visuals

Now looking at that list you might say, “only number 4 talks about social media” and in one sense that is true. Number 4 is also what got me thinking about how powerful conversation is because when you read Mike Volpe’s article it fills out each one of his points and he says:

The best brands invest 70-80% of time discussing content that helps their core audience live, work or play better — only the remaining 20-30% is about their product or service. When it comes to social media specifically, spend as much time listening as you do talking. Monitor what your customers are saying about their experiences, when they are interacting with your brand the most, and what types of content inspires the best conversations and social shares, then adapt accordingly.

But there’s another aspect of his list that reminds me of relationship, and that is number 2 — no context for content. All the content of our marketing is in a context of relationship with the customer and potential customer. Mike Volpe argues convincingly that it is time that marketing be an integrated part of the whole.

Because our customers interact with every part of the business and see it as one entity, we need to acknowledge the fact and change the way we do social media if all we tweet is the latest blog post, for instance. It would be like that neighbor that never stops talking about themselves and stops all conversation.

Social Media Marketing is all about conversation and if it is not happening, you aren’t harnessing the power that is there.