co Are You Ready For International Marketing? |

Your company doesn’t have to be a certain size in order to be international because the internet brings all kinds of opportunities across every time zone and border. Being able to market internationally does take some thought, though, because there are some challenges.

These challenges are part of the discussion in a video interview Murray Newlands of Search Engine Journal had with Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey at a recent conference on SEO. International SEO is a Huge Opportunity for Marketers and you should explore the possibilities no matter what size your business is.

Why Should A Business Look Past The Border?

Since the internet is global, your business already has gone past the border. According to the interview, “there is a huge global audience you can take advantage of. Internet users in the United States make up only 10% of your potential traffic. You’re missing out on 90% of the entire world if you only market to the US.”

That’s a big chunk of possibility that could be yours.

What Does Going “International” Involve?

Eli suggests you have an “international” category on your site that contains all the sub-categories you’d need for language, culture, and nuance. He also suggests going to the effort of hiring native speakers to evaluate your translations instead of relying on software. Keywords and SEO are all about what real people are typing into the search bar, so it takes a little bit of research.

What do you think? Is the potential of going global worth the effort of learning how to communicate effectively? I’m thinking that even in your neighborhood there are people who speak another language at home and that learning about other cultures is what marketing really is about. You probably are already touching an international market so maybe it’s time to deliberately connect.