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Andrew Lolk at Search Engine Journal just wrote a good post on 6 Effective AdWords Optimization Techniques for Beginners, and I think it’s a good reminder that we all need to remember the basics. There’s a reason they call basic techniques “foundational,” because the rest of the stuff is built on them. Therefore, if the basic foundational things are shaky, the structure is also shaky.

6 AdWords Foundation Blocks

  1. Move keywords to their own ad groups.
  2. Review your “see search terms” report to find negative keywords.
  3. Expand existing keywords.
  4. Split-test ads to maintain or increase keyword performance.
  5. Adjust your ad schedule.
  6. Perform routine keyword bid management.

If you want more detail on each of these, Andrew Lolk does a nice job of explaining them. They are definitely part of the foundation blocks that you want in your ad management procedures because this is maintenance, and maintenance keeps things operating optimally.

To quote Mr. Lolk:

I often get asked:

“How can that advertiser get such a high position? I know for a fact they have lower margins than me and I can’t even afford it!

I will tell you why. They have spent time over the last couple of years optimizing their AdWords campaigns to perfection. They eliminated wasteful keywords, set accurate bids, and tested more than 50 ads per ad group to find the winning combination of negative keywords, ads and bid.

Getting success with AdWords is not exactly rocket science, but it is hard work and for many it requires a great deal of studying to get familiar with all the different aspects of AdWords management.

Build & Maintain On A Good Foundation

The buildings that stay up are built carefully on a good foundation with steady days of construction and kept up by steady days of maintenance. That’s the way business is built, too. It’s good to be reminded about the basics of things like AdWords every once in a while because we all have a tendency to like the new exciting stuff and think basics are boring.

Boring is good for building a business on because it’s reliable. Just having the exciting stuff fizzles out after a while, but add the exciting to the boring basics and you’ve got a good thing.