co Three Sides of the Ball |

There really isn’t a clear, hard line between customer service and reputation management and marketing. They all are part of the same package because each one involves the same contact: the point between your business and your customer. It’s kind of like deciding which side of a ball is up because “up” is whichever part of the ball is on top at the moment.

Why Not A Triangle?

It’s simple, really.

  • The way your customers are treated is customer service.
  • The way your potential customers are treated is marketing.
  • And what those two groups think and say about the way they are treated is reputation management.

There are definite differences between customer service, marketing, and reputation management. But it’s better to see these as an integrated whole than as three unrelated parts of your business strategy. I could have used a triangle as an illustration, but a triangle has definite sides and points. I really do think that these three are so interrelated that you can’t do that. At the same time, there is definitely a good place to start looking at where you can improve the way these work for you.

Start With Customer Service

One of your biggest assets is your customer service department and the individuals who interact with your customers when they need help. Ask your representatives for their perspective and suggestions for improvement. These people spend their workday dealing with the realities of being the contact point between your business and your customers and their experience is invaluable.

Their voices are the voice of your business, and their face is the face of your business. Improve your customer service department by empowering your representatives appropriately and your marketing and reputation management just got a positive boost.