co Improving On Competition |

Competitive Intelligence has always been a useful tool for improving your content strategies by looking at what others in the same market are doing. There’s an interesting discussion going on over at the Moz Blog in the comments of Bill Sebald’s article, “Building Better Content By Improving On Your Competitors.” The article takes a look at how to isolate information by using a tool like Screaming Frog  to look at things like the URL, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and the like on a rival site.

After collecting some keywords and such, Bill shows us a few ways to brainstorm along with the fact he’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan and still writes on paper. I’m not making fun of him, I’m admiring the way he brainstorms because it keeps a record of ideas and rabbit trails. We all need to recognize what inspires us and work with the way our own brains are wired, particularly when it comes to creativity.

From there, his article goes into some of the steps he takes to create new funnels and other content by looking at the possibilities for search engine optimization. That is useful stuff, but then it gets even more useful because the comments are full of additional ideas that people share. There’s some back and forth dialog, new ideas and tools that were found useful, and a real sense of community at the time of this writing.

That sense of community is what I am really impressed with. So many times we can get so focused on the competition part of marketing that we lose the reality of being in this together. A business cannot succeed in isolation because we need both the competition to keep us growing and the community to keep us strong.

Have you improved on your competition by being part of a community?