co The Top Reason Email Still Is Effective |

The folks at MarketingProfs have taken a look at The Most Effective, Most Used, and Most Budgeted for Digital Marketing Tactics and it always interests me when I see stuff like that. It is helpful to see what other marketers are saying about the methods they are using. Here’s the gist of the research done in a survey of 300 US digital marketers:

  • Email is considered most effective for customer retention(56%), building awareness(41%), boosting acquisition(37%) and increasing conversion(42%)
  • 86% of the respondents use email marketing regularly but they also use social media marketing (72%), SEO(70%) and content marketing(64%)
  • Budget plans vary according to the size of the budget but social media marketing(38%), content marketing(28%) and email marketing(25%) are definitely in the mix

Interestingly, one thing many marketers(52%) say is that social media marketing is tricky to measure. This may be why those with a bigger budget ($1million or more for digital marketing) plan on spending more on social media and smaller companies will focus on content and email.

Why Would Email Be Effective?

It looks to me, from this survey, that the business who has money to gamble is putting it on social media. It isn’t that social media is the gamble, it’s the fact that the effectiveness of social media is hard to measure. Email, on the other hand, is easy to measure. You can count how many sign up to get your email, how many open them, how many follow links…..see what I mean?

But the biggest reason email is effective, in my opinion, is that it indicates an interested customer or potential customer who has asked to hear more about your business. If your email campaigns are not resulting in more activity, it’s because you aren’t giving them what they thought you would when they signed up.