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If you go to Small Business Mavericks’ Community Involvement page, you’ll see a list of the local organizations we are regularly interacting with. They aren’t the only organizations we network with, but it’s a good glimpse into what we are passionate about besides internet marketing.

Benefits of Community Involvement

Community involvement is an important part of a business. I think that if a business is not involved with the community, that business is cutting off a source of networking strength, losing employee connections, and limiting their marketing potential. Here’s my reasons for this opinion:

  • Networking is essentially communication and interaction as we help each other be successful. If you are not involved with your community, you aren’t helping any other organizations or individuals succeed. What’s more, nobody is helping you succeed, either.
  • Employee Connections recognize that the people who work for your business live in a community. Their kids go to school or play on teams, their parents need a Senior Center to hang out in, they need a way to help a friend who has cancer, and many more opportunities exist in the community where your employees dwell, raise families, and work.
  • Marketing Potential should be obvious, but sometimes we miss what’s obvious (at least I do!) Every time a business supports a cause, sponsors an event, or helps somehow is like a little thread of connection between your business and the people who see your involvement. Those little threads seem thin, but lots of little threads spun together make a strong cable that doesn’t break.

Boundaries of Community Involvement

At one time, a business could only be involved with the community around the building. Time and distance acted like boundaries to keep the community local.

Today, the internet has taken those boundaries away. I still think that the community around your building is vital, but many businesses operate in several communities, have remote employees, and interact with people around the globe. That’s a pretty big community, but it still has boundaries.

Every time we choose to be involved, or not be involved, we have set up a boundary based on our interest, available resources, or some other factor. A business must decide where their boundaries are, but the nature of business interacts in some sort of community and the success of the business is dependent upon how they choose to be involved with that community.