co Are You Taking Advantage of Interactive Mobile Ads? |

There’s a new study that has been announced, Crème de la Crème: A Guide to Creating Successful Mobile Video Advertising Units.” This link is to the press release by the groups who conducted it and I can imagine it will be the subject of much debate in marketing. Here are their “Five Foundations” for creating video ads designed for the interaction you get with mobile users:

  • Entice and Intrigue
  • Bring Them In
  • Symphony Not Noise
  • Make Them Feel ___________
  • Catch The Moment

Here’s the main idea — when you are advertising to someone on a mobile device, you have the potential ability to get them to stay on your ad longer as they interact with your content. There’s more personal engagement because they are in control of the way they explore the ad and they know they can explore more the next time they see that ad.

We know that most of us look at the phone first (be honest, which screen did you go to when you woke up today?) and we know that most of us check our phone or mobile device more than once a day. What kind of content makes you want to go deeper?

Now, the way you’d go about creating an ad that has this kind of pull would really depend on a couple of things: how well you know your target audience (that perfect customer-buyer persona guy) and how good your ad designers are with responsive design. I can imagine that in the next few years we are going to see more studies and more successful mobile video advertising and some of us will wish we’d made the move sooner.