co Do You Tweet? Millennials Do! |

I just watched the final game of the World Cup (so sad to see Argentina’s tears) and I watched it with a 25-year-old guy who kept whipping out his phone and tweeting. He did it all throughout the game, after every play, and I am sure he was tweeting comments that he wasn’t saying to those of us in the same room.

According to Twitter’s recent study, Four insights about millennials on Twitter, he is like 71% of the users in his age bracket who sign into the platform one or more times a week. This particular survey looked at the millennial bracket — ages 18 – 34 — and is part of their User Profile Study. These surveys are interesting looks at what Twitter users say about themselves and can help form strategies to reach the particular group you are hoping to connect with by using this form of social media.

How Millennials Use Twitter

Basically, the millennial tweets to connect. They use their phones to stay in the loop on what’s happening with a celebrity, share a joke with a friend, or learn about a hot new product or trend. Most will say they want to be entertained and stave off boredom with tweets.

Many will enhance a live event by sharing it — discussing what’s happening with other watchers, like the guy watching the World Cup. They also want to share their own story by telling others what is going on in their lives; random thoughts, current events, humor, and photos are the top categories of tweets.

How Marketers Can Use Twitter To Reach Millennials

There are four suggestions offered in the Twitter report:

  1. Tweet relevant content at least once a day and experiment with new formats (like GIF) to encourage engagement.
  2. Share humorous content that your audience will find funny. (You have to be careful with humor so know the culture you are reaching or it could cause offense instead of laughter and retweets.)
  3. Keep track of live events your audience will be interested in and assign a trusted representative to do live tweets during the appropriate window of time–like pre-game, game, post-game discussions.
  4. Offer a way to incorporate your brand with their individual status as a humorous way to share the experience.

So, those are the ideas Twitter came up with. What about you? How have you used social media to connect with your customers?