co How Are You Mastering Digital Marketing? |

If your business has been around for a while, you’ve seen some real changes in marketing. David Edelman, co-leader of McKinsey’s global digital marketing strategy group, was recently interviewed about the state of digital marketing, and you can read the edited transcript here. He brings up some interesting points on what we should be doing, where mistakes are often made, and the role of senior leaders in bringing their company to mastery of the art of digital marketing.

I want to focus on the thing that caught my eye: his “three things” that we should focus on:

“Those three things—prioritizing the data; getting the right people from different functions to work together; and working on that rapid-cycle test and learn—are really what you’re trying to drive toward. If you can build those muscles, you can apply that to whatever stuff digital’s going to throw your way. And there’s always going to be new digital stuff.”                      –David Edelman

Now, the way your company prioritizes data and gets everybody on the same page is important. So is a rapid-cycle test and learn, because it gives you quick feedback to assess your strategies. But the thing that he is really saying is that your business needs to develop a strong, functional digital marketing process that includes everyone so you are ready to respond to the next wave of technological advances. What’s more, you should plan on there being future changes and stay flexible to respond to those.

I’m visualizing a surfer here, riding the waves by instantly adjusting to the situation.

How have you mastered digital marketing in your business? Are you riding the waves or wiping out? Let’s talk about it…