co The Most Important Factor In Multi-Screen Strategy |

How many types of screens did you look at today? There’s TV, laptop or monitor, tablet, maybe some kind of smartphone…and they are all a bit different in how they function. They also differ in what you want to do with them, right? Simon Penson on Moz recently looked at the way that usage breaks down in his piece “Screen Size Matters: Adapting Content Strategy for Multiple Devices“.

He looks at the results of a study on the way people are using different devices, when they are using them, and what they are using them for. Not surprisingly, other people are just like you and use their various devices to access different things at different times. He does a good job of making the challenge clear:

“The mobile internet has given the control back to the reader, or customer, and the way they consume content is on their terms.

And with that power back in the hands of those who are buying, as opposed to selling, your content has to be available when and where necessary to be effective.”

If we focus on the device too much, we lose sight of the person using that device and lose the connection when they get new technology. (You know they will, too.) This means all our responsive website design and development has to be focused more on the user, even while it is being designed for the variety of devices that are being used. There are going to be more screens in our customer’s hands in the future, and the key to reaching those customers is giving them what they want, when they want it, on the device they are using at the time.

That’s a challenge, but it is the one we face.