co How To Start Generating Traffic On Your Blog |

Search Engine Journal has an impressive addition to their Blogging 101 Series — this one’s called Traffic Generation For Blogs On A Budget. Matthew Barby does a good job of clearly explaining what the next step after writing that great content can be, and how to go about doing some proactive strategizing for getting your stuff in front of the folks who’d like to read it. He does mention a few tools that will cost a little bit, but most of his information is going to cost you effort instead of your cash.

Learn How To Do These Simple Things

Mr. Barby explains each one of these in greater detail, with links to the tools he mentions:

  • Long Tail Keyword Research
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Smart Facebook Advertising
  • Other Paid Advertising Platforms
  • Reddit Advertising
  • Niche-Relevant Communities
  • Competitions
  • Building Your Email List

Does this list seem intimidating to you? Then pick one thing. Work on that one thing until you are confident and then add another. Pretty soon you will have a perspective on traffic generation that is applicable to far more than your blog because things overlap. This means your developing skills will be useful all across your business management.

Take Advantage Of The Overlap

Even if you are investing in a lead generation system and having someone else do this stuff, you should be somewhat familiar with what is happening. Internet marketing is part of the whole omnichannel experience today’s consumer is becoming accustomed to and I don’t think it’s going to go away.

Your marketing campaigns, reputation management, brand recognition, and customer loyalty are equally part of the mix and are affected by social media, email, niche communities, and SEO. It just makes sense to spend a small amount of time learning from the experts so you can choose your strategies wisely.