co Stuck On Starting A Blog? Start Here.. |

One of the most effective ways to gain authority online is by adding quality content to your site, and one of the best ways to add quality content is by having a good blog. But a lot of folks go blank when they try to do that. Here’s one way to get past the writer’s block and get worthwhile information on your page:

Write To Your Customer

Start with the Frequently Asked Questions (ask your customer service reps what they are if you need to) and answer one question in each post. Think about who the people are that ask that question, and why that question is asked. Now answer it as if you were writing that customer a letter in reply to their query.

When you visualize who you are writing to, and why they are asking the question, it is easy to visualize how to answer it.

Blog posts should be simple. Stick to one point and fill in the blanks without wandering. If you find yourself going into great detail, you might want to consider breaking up your answer into smaller segments. This keeps the keywords concise and natural. The point of your blog is the natural keyword, and that word or phrase should be in your headline.

It’s okay to hire a writer to do your blog, but the person that writer should be talking to is your customer. When you answer your customer’s questions and provide more insight into how your product or service works, that is helpful information that is appreciated and shared.

Of course, there’s more stuff to learn about blogging, but this is a good place for you to start.