co If Your People Pin, You Should Pin Too |

The people you are trying to reach might not use Pinterest, but it’s a lot more probable that they do. The popular social site drives a lot of traffic with its visual appeal and home-grown talent show, so businesses have been learning to get in on the site’s success. Eighteen months ago, the business account was created and things have been popping ever since. New tools for businesses on Pinterest are in the works!

Pinterest has been working diligently on making the potential business connection a perfect fit for the do-it-yourself spirit of the site, and they have come up with another step in their plan:

Do-It-Yourself Promoted Pins

They are still doing the paid tests of Promoted Pins for search and category feeds, but now there’s a possible do-it-yourself Promoted Pins tool, letting you reach more people and get visits back to your site. What is really nice is the way it works —

  1. Pick a pin, one that you want to promote
  2. Decide who sees it by setting up targeting
  3. Pay for visits to your site, and only for the visits through the pin
  4. Track what is working with the updated analytics tool

These DIY Promoted Pins aren’t available to everybody yet, but you can get on a waitlist. If you decide to do it, let me know! I’m curious to see how this will actually play out for businesses who offer “pinnable” things. I could imagine that just about anything could turn into a pin if you create an engaging visual for it. I also like the fact you are only paying for what works.

Social Media Marketing is a business tool, and Pinterest is clearly aiming to be one of the power tools in your marketing tool box. Those you are trying to reach and maintain connections to are “your people”. If your people are active on Pinterest, then you definitely should be pinning too.