co Do What You Do Best (Delegate The Rest) |

Have you ever looked at a wildly successful person and wondered, “how do they do it all?” Most of us have asked this question at one point in our lives. The answer to your question is simple — they don’t do it all. They delegate some stuff.

This is particularly true with business and marketing. You know why? Because marketing is only a part of what your business is all about (unless your business is marketing). Marketing is communicating to the world so people see what your business is about and come to you for a product or service.

The Purpose Of Delegating Marketing Tasks

Everybody delegates tasks so they have time to do higher priority things. Most businesses delegate business matters in-house, with staff members assigned to do certain jobs. It frees the head of the business for working on improving the business, and it provides a way to get multiple perspectives on improving the enterprise. Some businesses will bring in consultants or contractors for the same reasons.

In marketing, delegating tasks provides that bigger perspective and bringing in experts keeps the learning curve low so you avoid the natural setbacks of beginner mistakes.

The Benefits Of Delegating Marketing Burdens

Have you noticed that some things are hard for others but easy for you? Part of that is natural ability, part of it is experience, and all of it is part of being human. There’s stuff that’s hard for you but easy for others; so let them do it if they can.

We’ll take writing, for example. Some people can write easily and others struggle to put the words together, and then they find out they misspelled some. As they tell you in secretary school … it’s not the boss’s job to spell.

In marketing, delegating tasks like website design and development relieves a burden if you aren’t equipped to do it.

The Possibilities Of Delegating Marketing Responsibilities

Delegating a task doesn’t mean you don’t know how to do it. It means you have higher priorities to attend to. Usually, the one delegating knows enough about the task to recognize expertise and appreciate it.

In marketing, delegating responsibilities can include:

  • writing quality content for blogs and sites
  • managing PPC campaigns
  • monitoring social media and responding appropriately
  • designing effective marketing strategies
  • analyzing data
  • and lots more

Appropriate delegation gets everyone on the job they do best and frees you to do your job more effectively.