co An Experienced View Of AdWords |

Earlier this month, Frederick Vallaeys wrote his first post for Search Engine Journal. What You Need To Know About AdWords Quality Score From A Former Googler is a pretty good start, and I am looking forward to his input in the months ahead. Mr Vallaeys was on the Quality Score team at Google’s AdWords division. He says:

“I saw it evolve from a simple CTR algorithm to an advanced machine learning system at the core of much of Google’s financial success. By showing the right ads to the right users at the right time, ads became more useful for both advertisers and users, and Google took that all the way to the bank.”

That sounds like a guy I want to listen to when he speaks about ads and Google because he has legitimate experience working within the topic. He takes us on a clearly explained history trip through the stages and factors of that evolution he witnessed. And he makes it clear that CTR (click through rate) still is important, but it now is part of the whole picture. Quality Scores are made up of CTR, relevance, and landing page quality.

  • CTR is still counted as numbers of clicks but the definition of what is counted is narrowed down to things like keyword and device used to view the ad.
  • Relevance is another specific way Google looks at the numbers of clicks…this time, what type of ad is being clicked.
  • Landing page quality is Google’s attempt to keep the standards high and ads relevant enough  that people will trust enough to click on.

So, what’s the takeaway? Mr. Vallaeys says it better than I can:

Have relevant ads for your keywords, and structure your ad groups in a way that supports higher relevance. Any ad group with more than 30 keywords can probably be divided into smaller ad groups with more specific ad texts. And focus on improving CTR by always A/B split testing new ads.