co Who's Posting On Your Social Media Accounts? |

Did you know that the leader of a very small business is usually the one handling the social media stuff? But most of them just post when they feel like it. I think that might be a clue about why their business is “very” small.

WebProNews has a nice infographic about the way Most “Very” Small Businesses Are On Social Media, But Have No Strategy. It’s the results of a survey by Endurance with input from 596 respondents.

The numbers are quite revealing, and what they reveal is the way social media is not utilized for greatest effect. I think it’s interesting that 90% of the businesses are on some form of social media, but 71% don’t have a strategy for using it to market their message. It’s also interesting to me that the leader of the business is the one doing the posting 80% of the time, but there’s no real plan for optimizing their social media presence.

I think the leader of a business has more important things to do most of the time and does them, so the posting stuff gets fired off at random. There’s a solution for this, and it isn’t that difficult.

Get some expert advice on developing a social media strategy and put it into place. Establish guidelines and procedures that are appropriate for your particular business, and provide some training for a social media team. Delegate the task of social media maintenance to qualified people and plan for growth.

The person who is posting on your social media accounts should be a person with a strategic plan of action.