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“If you have an idea for an infographic, make it and release it, you have performed content marketing. If you, however, identify and understand your audience, business goals, metrics by which content will be measured, ensure that the content is both useful and usable for your target audience, plan out the metadata and CMS requirements, develop or adhere to a brand messaging architecture (voice and tone), develop a process and identify resources for creation, release, and maintenance of the infographic, well, then you’re doing content strategy.” –Michael King

This quote is pulled from an encyclopedic post on Moz titled “Scaling Quality Content“. When you follow the link to read the rest of this excellent and helpful article, make sure your mug is full of whatever you like sipping because you will be there a while! There are many links, a lot of pictures, and a growing number of comments debating the issue. It clearly touches a nerve with those in internet marketing.

I am not convinced that “marketing” and “strategy” in this quote are the right things to be compared. I think the comparison should be marketing from the hip vs marketing with adequate research, analyzing, and planning.

2 Directions to Focus Your Content

Content is what we use to express our views and/or to communicate to someone else.

  • If you are only interested in expressing your views on a subject online, you are putting out content that is focused on yourself. That’s not necessarily bad, but it isn’t content marketing, in my opinion, unless it could be called marketing from the hip. I disagree with Mr. King here. It’s just content that expresses what you want to say on a subject and any marketing happens as a residual effect.
  • If you are doing the research, analysis, and strategic planning to communicate with your audience and start a conversation that results in action — I’d say you were doing online marketing strategy. Both strategy and marketing are part of the same package.

What do you think? Let’s talk about it!

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